Australian Motorcyclist takes on Trans Australia article


In an epic feat of publishing proportions, Australian Motorcyclist has published the first part of the incredibly popular Trans Australia crossing on the CFMoto 650TK.

Content from original article

Chinese bike quality is crap, right? Well… maybe not…When I rode CFMoto’s 650TK a little while ago on the launch, I was impressed.

Oh, there were a few problems, yes. Some of them were easily over come, others would need minor changes at the factory. Overall, though, the bikes were a lot of fun and certainly looked pretty well made, and they were certainly well priced.

But the prejudices wouldn’t quite die… and after all, what are you really saying when you point out that these bikes are the cheapest fully kitted tourers on the market? That’s not truly all that much of a recommendation is it?

You, our readers, deserve better than just being told that the price is right – or, anyway, even if not right then at least low. And the importers deserved to show their bikes off in a way that would actually demonstrate their quality. Somehow we needed to put these machines to a real test…and then the light bulb went on over my head.

1400 GTR, they promoted it as the transcontinental tourer. So at the time I asked the late and sadly missed “Davo” Jones, the founder of the FarRiders, to take one and ride it across Australia and back. Just to prove that it really was a “transcontinental” bike. Well, he did and it was. The bike proved itself glowingly, and Davo bought one. As did a lot of our other readers; just check the arsenal of the FarRiders today.

So… wouldn’t it be convincing if we did the same thing with a 650TK from CFMoto?