Service Kit One

Service Kit Two



At CFMoto we are about providing extra value so get the most out of your CFMoto with our new Service Kits.

Routine maintenance is the key to maximizing the life and longevity of your CFMoto off-road vehicle. This is even more important to keep your vehicle in tip tip condition between major services which we recommend are carried out by your local CFMoto Dealer.

Unlike a road vehicle whose life is confined to bitumen roads, an off road vehicle is put through its paces across a large variety of terrain.

From soft sandy beaches like the ones the Gold Coast Police are using as their police beat vehicles, to rough rocky terrain that farmers in central Victoria come across on a daily basis.

Routine maintenance will minimise the wear and tear on your vehicle and allow you to get the best performance each time you set off to work or on a new adventure.


We’ve listened to you, and decided to use our partnership with oil giant Motul to serve the greater good by offering vehicle owners a choice of two service kits.


Kit One: Designed to cater for CFMoto X550, U550, Z550, X8, U8, Z8

Kit includes a CFMoto oil filter, Motul Quad oil (4L SAE 10W40), EFI fuel filter, sump plug washer, Uni filter wash and a CFMoto hat.


Kit Two: designed for the legendary CFMoto CF500 Classic

Kit includes a CFMoto oil filter, Motul Quad oil (4L SAE 10W40), fuel filter, sump plug washer, Uni filter and Uni filter wash as well as a CFMoto hat.


To find out more on service kits or routine maintenance please contact your local CFMoto Dealer!