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ATV Maintenance 101

Maintenance to any ATV is an important part of ownership. Please note that it is imperative that you take your ATV to the your local Dealership as stated in your service schedule, but there are some basic maintenance checks and services you can do on your own property to ensure your ATV is also fully operational at all times.

Let’s face it, with Aussie terrain your ATV will be run through its paces. To continue to have your CFMOTO running at its full performance, ATV maintenance is a must do! The more you can learn about your ATV the more prepared you are when having to do a trail side repair. Now rest assure, we are not talking about learning how to rebuild an engine, we talking about learning the basic maintenance required to keep your ATV running.

CFMOTO Owner Manual

Before riding your CFMOTO ATV you must become familiar with your CFMOTO ATV Owner Manual. This Manual will outline product riding requirements and provide helpful information to ensure comfortable, safe riding with CFMOTO.

Check oil and coolant levels

Oil is probably the most important element of your ATV, because the engine cannot function without it. You should make sure there is always the correct level of oil on the dipstick. Do not forget to change the oil on a regular basis. The coolant is also vital to your ATV running well, so do check this level too regularly.

Checking the brakes

Checking the brakes is a must. To avoid a sticky situation, inspect the wheels and remove any trail trash, small rocks and other intrusive items. An ample pad should be left on the brake pad.

Tyre pressure

Always maintain the recommended tire pressure. Incorrect pressure can cause poor handling and tyre or wheel damage. This can be measured with a tyre pressure gauge.

Check the levers

You control your ATV using the levers, so they must be perfect. Ensure they are firmly clamped to the bars and they do not move when you want to use them. It is also vital you can reach them with no effort, so ensure they are in place in a comfortable riding position.

Check the handlebar grips

For a safe ride on a trail, the handlebar grips must be still on the bars tight. You can use safety wires, but the best option is to replace the old grips when them come too loose.

Keep it clean

Rust is the enemy of all machinery. All you really have to do is take a hose to it and make sure that the water doesn't sit on any parts.

Protect it from the elements

Both sun and water will damage your machine. If you need to cover it while parked, do so. You can purchase a genuine CFMOTO ATV cover to ensure your ATV is undercover when not in use.

If you take the extra time to check, maintain and service your CFMOTO ATV before and after every ride, you can be sure that your ATV's life span will be extended.

Give your work buddy the care it deserves.