First you should always refer to the model specific owners manual for the correct instructions on how to correctly use and maintain your CFMOTO. Each vehicle is physically labeled with safety labels, warnings and load limits as also outline in the vehicles owners manual. Any concerns or questions on how to use or operate the vehicle please contact your authorised CFMOTO Dealer

Wear protective gear including a helmet, eye protection, gloves and protective clothing including pants, long sleeved top and sturdy boots Avoid paved surfaces with off road vehicles as it may adversely affect the handling and control of the vehicle. Use correct driving techniques to avoid vehicle overturn on hills, rough terrain and when turning.

NEVER CFMOTO New Zealand encourages customers to undertake a formal driver training courses. By doing so you will get more out of your vehicle by understand how it works, plus the added safety benefits on how to tackle obstacles in the correct and safe manner. Talk to your dealer to find out more in your local area.