It’s a common misconception, it’s an overseas brand and the spare parts will be too hard to get hold of. In fact, the opposite is true with CFMoto genuine spare parts.

Our spare parts department stocks more than 60,000 genuine spare parts at our Melbourne warehouse facilities which can be purchased from our 80+ CFMoto authorised dealers nationally. To find your local CFMoto dealer, click here.

All dealers have the ability to order CFMoto spare parts straight in for you if they do not stock them at their premises. The supply of these spares will depend on a few different variables - more about this in the When Do I Get My Spare Parts section below.


Having genuine parts fitted to your CFMoto vehicle assures you of their quality as all CFMoto parts are made to the same first class standards as our vehicles and are specifically designed for each model. Essentially, this means all genuine CFMoto parts are the best fit for your vehicle and mean your CFMoto will perform at its best everytime.

Cost of genuine spare parts

Another misconception is that genuine parts are more expensive than non-genuine parts.

Our recommended pricing should cover a normal sale of spares but there will be instances outside of this where the price may inflate, for example, where the cost of freight is increased due to delivery to remote locations.

Leave it to the professionals

With all vehicles, there are hundreds if not thousands of parts that make up your CFMoto, whether you need to order an indicator or need advice on which spare part needs replacing, the best place to start is to contact your local CFMoto dealer.

Being an authorised CFMoto dealer means staff have the technical training and knowledge to easily solve any problems you might be having.

How do I order CFMoto genuine parts?

All orders for CFMoto spare parts are done through our national dealer network of more than 80 dealerships. To find your closest dealer visit the CFMoto dealer page here.

The CFMoto head office team are unable to take orders for spare parts from private individuals.

When do I get my spare parts?

We have recommended spare parts lists for our dealers to stock. These are the most highly consumed spare parts like oil filters and brake pads etc. Our dealers will usually have these in stock and can supply them to you on the spot.

If your local dealership doesn’t keep the part in stock, they can order directly from our warehouse who can usually ship it the same day if it is stock.

Sometimes, this takes a bit longer and can usually be attributed your location (if you live remotely, the item being a low volume seller, the item being sold out or delays due to public holidays.

CFMoto work hard to ensure you get your parts as quickly as possible.  

Using Non Genuine Parts

Aside from quality issues, having non genuine CFMoto parts fitted to your vehicle will void your warranty, so make sure you use genuine CFMoto spare parts whenever you can.

CFMoto Accessories

If you are a current owner of a CFMoto vehicle, you might be pleased to hear we have recently expanded our accessories range.

CFMoto now offers solid doors, rocksliders, bashplates and plenty more for our off-road range.

To download the list of accessories on offer, click one of the following: X400, X550, or CFMoto Retail Accessories. We will also be launching a new webpage with our aftermarket accessories in 2016 so watch this space!




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