The joy of owning a new motorcycle is getting to know your bike and the best way to do that is to hit the road as often as you can.

The key to staying safe on a motorcycle is a combination of a well maintained bike and good knowledge of the roads. Maintaining your motorcycle starts with simple checks of engine and componentry before setting out for a ride. 

So whether you are using your CFMoto to commute to work every day or are planning a trip across the country like the guys did with the Transcontinental Insanity tour,  these simple steps can help you get the most out of your ride.

Tyre and wheel check

The tyres and wheels are the most important things to check over as they are what connects your CFMoto motorcycle to the road. Your tyres should:

  • Have plenty of tread
  • Be adequately pressurised– check your owners manual for the required PSI levels
  • Have good straight rims with no dents
  • Not have any loose spokes

If any of the above are not right, don’t chance it, they can affect the handling of your motorcycle and should be a priority every ride.

Petrol and Oil Check

Make sure your fuel tank has enough fuel to get you either to the service station or to your destination. There is nothing that will ruin a ride quicker than being stranded on the side of a country road with no phone reception and an empty fuel tank.

Ensure your oil levels are correct and remember to do this on flat ground.

Coolant and Hose Check

Quickly check your coolant levels and also the radiator hose as any leaks in the radiator hose will cook your engine and leave you not only stranded on the side of the road but you could also be out of action for a few days if your local mechanic doesn’t have your hose in stock.  CFMoto recommends you do all your servicing at an authorised CFMoto dealer. 

Indicators, Lights, Mirrors and Horn Check

Essentially, these three components on your CFMoto motorcycle are your methods of communication to other vehicles while on the road. Make sure they are all working and your mirrors are correctly positioned for optimum vision.

Levers and cable Check

Run your hands along any cables to ensure they are smooth and unbinded.  Check your clutch and brake levers are not loose and in a comfortable reaching position and adjust as necessary.

Riding and safety gear check

Proper riding gear is an important investment in your personal safety and should be worn whenever you are riding your CFMoto motorcycle. Your basic toolkit for riding gear should include:

  • A safety helmet that conforms with Australian standards
  • Protective jacket and pants
  • Motorcycle boots
  • Good quality motorcycle gloves

If you are just starting out riding, the CFMoto 150NK is a great choice for the learner rider who is seeking a small capacity engine but loaded with style. For a limited time, the 150NK also comes with a promotional pack including CFMoto racing gloves, protective riding jacket and a limited edition T-Shirt.

If you are after more power and good bang for your buck, check out our 650NKS

If touring is your thing, then CFMoto's 650TK is a great tourer with an even greater price tag.

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