Maintaining your CFMoto ATV is important not only for warranty purposes but to help you save money on unnecessary repairs.

If you are wondering what is covered under your two year vehicle warranty, the first place to check is your vehicle’s warranty booklet which details what is covered and what is not.

To help you save money, we’ve put together some simple maintenance tips so you get the best out of your CFMoto ATV or CFMoto Side by Side vehicle.

Base your servicing on usage rather than mileage

Some farms don’t use their quad bike or side by side to travel great distances which is why arranging your servicing around the hours you have used your vehicle rather than the kilometres it has travelled is important.

If you are a dairy farmer, you could spend hours on your quad bike with the engine running while your herd slowly heads home and put some serious hours of wear on your machine.

Australia’s number one selling 500cc ATV for the past three years, the CF500 classic features an hour metre to help determine the best time for your next service.

Stop neglecting your air filter

The air filter is one of the most neglected consumable items on just about any off-road vehicle. It is also one of the easiest items you can maintain yourself as cleaning this requires little or no engine knowledge – apart from where it is located. A dirty air filter allows dust to infiltrate your engine and can critically affect the longevity of your motor.

If you use your vehicle regularly, CFMoto recommends you clean your air filter once a week.

Check your oil

It goes without saying that your vehicle’s oil needs to be checked and changed regularly. CFMoto recently partnered with Motul Lubricants who offer a great oil, specially developed for off-road vehicles. Motul Quad Oil 10 W40.

Grease up your suspension

Sticky suspension can cost you money, especially if you don’t pay attention to its maintenance. Having properly greased suspension will prevent premature wear and tear of the vehicle’s bushes and suspension, increasing the service life your vehicle and saving you money by not having to replace them. We recommend using Motul Lubricants to grease your suspension at least once a month.

Take the time to warm up

Not just for the winter months, warming up and idling your vehicle for a good five to 10 minutes before setting out will increase its life. If your ATV or side by side is idling to fast or slow, a quick adjustment will sort this out.

Take care of your battery

For a very small investment, you can save a good deal of money by not having to replace your battery which is generally not covered under warranty. If you only use your quad bike or side by side vehicle occasionally or for those times when you are not using your vehicle because you are away, a simple battery trickle charger will do the trick and ensure the right charge gets to your battery and prolongs its life. 

Listen for your radiator fan

Keeping an ear out for the radiator fan can save you money, especially if your fan has been damaged and you didn’t know it. At CFMoto, quad bikes and side by side radiator fans are programmed to turn on when the coolant temperature hits 88° Celsius and should automatically switch off when the temperature falls below 82° Celsius.

If you follow these simple maintenance tips on your vehicle, you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in avoidable vehicle repairs. Remember, to keep your warranty valid, you should service your CFMoto at an authorised dealer who are trained in the proper care and maintenance of CFMoto vehicles and have access to the right tools and genuine parts.